Semantic spreadsheet templates

Using RightField we have produced a wide collection of template files. These templates are based upon our Just Enough Results Model.

RightField is a tool we created for SEEK, but is also attracting interest from other disciplines. RightField is an open-source tool for adding ontology term selection to Excel spreadsheets. For each annotation field, RightField can specify a range of allowed terms from a chosen ontology (subclasses, individuals or combinations). The resulting spreadsheet presents these terms to the users as a simple drop-down list. This reduces the adoption barrier for using community ontologies as the annotation is made by the scientist that generated the data rather than a third party, and the annotation is collected at the time of data collection.

We have now produced a wide number of template files, for various omics and experiment types, that are available on our SysMO SEEK.

We are currently working on automatic extraction from these templates, after they have been filled out and use, to make adding data to SEEK and describing it easier, and also enhance the ability to discover data.